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Representation of Igaluk (Ahn-ing-ah-neh).

In Inuit mythology, Igaluk is one of the most powerful gods of the pantheon. He is a lunar deity. In Greenland, he is known as Aningaaq.


According to Inuit mythology, Igaluk and his sister Malina lived together in a village. They were very close when young, but came to live apart as they grew older, in the lodges for women and for men. One day, as Igaluk looked at the women, he found that his older sister was the most beautiful. He took notice of the unique material her clothes were made of. And so that night, when the lamp went out in the women's dwelling, he crept in and found her by recognising the feel and texture of her clothes. Since that night, Igaluk mated with his older sister many times. As it was dark, Malina was never able to tell who the man was, but one night, in the middle of their copulation, she covered her hands with the soot from the lamps and smeared his face with it. Afterwards, she took a lamp and looked through the skylight of the men's lodge to identify the man who took her. Upon learning the fact that it was her own younger brother, Igaluk, who had been enjoying her, Malina became red and hot with shame. After confronting him about it, she ran away out the door, grabbing a torch as she went. Igaluk chased after her, likewise taking a torch, and followed her path. However, he tripped and dropped his torch, and the flame was put out, except for a faint glow. Eventually however, Igaluk caught up to his sister, and the two ran so fast that they took off into the sky and became the Moon and the Sun. Once every while Igaluk managed to catch up with his older sister, Maliana, and enjoy a brief union with her, causing a solar eclipse.


Tulok, according to Inuit mythology, is the nemesis of Aningan. A true warrior who, after hearing of the incest of Anningan, decided to challenge him to battle. As by this time Aningan had become the Sun he devised a plan to run so fast he could reach into the sky and pour a bucket of mythical water over the Sun to put out its flames. But upon hearing this, Malina, realising the devastating effect of the loss of the Sun, united with her younger brother, Aningan, and gave birth to the eclipse, so that when Tulok reached the sky he would become trapped. It is said after this he split to a thousand pieces, and became the stars.

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