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This is a sock puppet account.

FYI: I am a very low-key editor on the Wikipedia. Most of the time I just want to edit in a small number of rather quiet areas where I have an interest and also have the knowledge or the reference sources to be able to write or improve articles. I have also done my very best to stay away from most of the more dysfunctional areas of the Wikipedia. Occasionally, however, I will want to make a comment that I don't want associated with my regular Wikipedia account. For example, I might want to say something controversial, or ever something anti-Wikipedia (or at least anti-status quo). Or I might want to add a comment to a heavily debated topic or long-running controversy without being permanently sucked into the quagmire. For those rare instances, I will be using this account instead of the one that I regularly use when editing on the Wikipedia.

My rules[edit]

Because sock puppet accounts entail a certain amount of controversy, I have set a number of rules on how I will use this account.

  1. I will never use this account to do any voting (although I will certainly feel free to add my opinions to the comments sections).
  2. This account will never be used to edit any articles (but I might add commentary to article talk pages).
  3. I will never use this account to nominate an article for deletion.
  4. This account will never be used to circumvent any Wikipedia Policies or guidelines.
  5. I will never use this account to get around a block or ban.
  6. This account will never be used for abuse or name calling (but I don't do that in my regular account either).
  7. I will never use this account for deception, or to attempt to make a position look more popular.

Some anti-clues[edit]

To those who might try to guess who this account belongs to:

  1. I am not currently nor have I ever been an administrator. I have never tried but failed to become an administrator.
  2. I have never filed a WP:RFC, WP:RFM or WP:RFAR, nor have I ever had one filed against me.
  3. I have never been banned or blocked.
  4. I do not participate on any of the Wikipedia mailing lists or Wikipedia IRC channels.

AsylumInmate 11:05, 7 March 2007 (UTC)